A complete range of oils from universal products through to complex formulations.

Agricultural Lubricants tested to exceed OEM specifications. We offer a complete range of oils from Universal products through to complex formulations.

Our Super Tractor Oil (SUTO) and Universal Tractor Oil are both suitable for use in hydraulic systems, transmissions, final drives and oil immersed wet braking systems.

Agricultural equipment continues to face ever-tightening restrictions with their exhaust emissions requiring rapid advancements in engine and lubrication technologies. It is recommended that a dedicated engine oil and separate backend oil is now used for these applications.

Our low ash technology heavy duty engine oils are fully compatible with exhaust after-treatment devices to help keep your equipment’s exhaust emissions compliant in even the harshest of environments.

Please see our extensive range of agricultural and horticultural products below:

  • Engine Oils
  • Specialised Gear Oils
  • Lawnmower Oil
  • Milking Machine Oil
  • Chainsaw Oil
  • Bandsaw Oils for Sawmills

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